Hi every Multi Event Athlete,

As I said in Helsinki, I contact you to tell you that it is still in good way to host the next Tetradecathlon indoor world championship in France : it shall take place in Miramas (in the south of France) the last weekend of March.

I reach you all out because I need your inspiration to make this weekend unforgettable. In order do so, please email me at seb.biau@me.com (“UM MIRAMAS 2020” in subject please) to tell me, if you would be there and what would you like to have as organisation competitionwise, do not worry of being specific and add details or examples if needed.

The next step for me is to be certain of the date (within the next 2 months) and have a rough idea of who will be there.

In the meantime, I need everyone to contact its own national track and field federation to pass it the place and date, and give me an email of someone in charge if possible.

Thanks a lot, I will get in touch soon to give you more about the organization (schedule, other events, hosting, participation fee,…)


Sébastien Biau

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