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Since Cedric announced that due to lack of time he can’t update the IAUM website much longer, I decided to take it over. Thanks to Cedrid for ten years hard word!

This new website for IAUM tries to be clear, responsive for mobile and easy to use for everybody.

In the first phase I’m copying all relevant contents from the old site.

There’s gonna be a Google site for photos and I’m hoping you could share your multievents photos there too!

Comments, please! Below this is a Leave a comment -link.

– Tuomo Vanhanen

18 thoughts on “New website”

  1. Just curious, will registration for the 2019 Icosathlon Championships in August open up this January? I saw they opened up last year in January. Thanks!


      1. my name is Băcescu Bogdan ,M45, amateur athlete from Romania passionate about ultramultievents. We had only one participation in the world championships Helsinki, 2018, April 14-15

        the message is related to the fact that in Romania, the athletics federation ignores the results of the ultramultievents championships

        question : how to record the official result (site, link) to be recognized?


  2. Hi Tuommo,

    Thanks for taking back the website.
    I am trying to contact the IAUM in order to organize the next indoor tetradecathlon in France next year.

    – I need to know if this can be a world championship? that is why I am looking for someone in charge of those issues.

    – Then I will need your website as a mean of publicity if the event is approuved (it will be the last weekend of March 2020).


    Best regards,

    Biau Sébastien


    1. Hi!

      IAUM does not have any more an official organization who would make decisions. So far things have gone quite well . Every year someone has been willing to organize the World or European championships games. And there haven’t been big disagreements with that. There’s been a habit that the games can have a world championships status in every other year. So in 2020 it is time for world championships in indoor tetradecathlon!

      I suggest that I publish in our news that you are willing to organize indoor tetradecathlon World championships 2020. Then we (all participants) can have a discussion about it in august in Helsinki. I’m pretty sure that you won’t get any competitors 🙂

      And yes, will help you in marketing.



      1. Great,

        It sounds good! I condiser it’s okay then and I move forward with the organisation.


  3. Bjr, je commence à regarder pour les réservations en vu des mondiaux de tétra à miramas… Avez vous des infos, des confirmations sur le sujet ?
    Frédéric ortu


    1. Je vois que le correcteur a modifié mon texte, je fais référence aux mondiaux de tétra décathlon à miramas. Désolé


    2. Salut Frederic,

      Contacte-moi par email stp ( que je t’ajoute au groupe. Je rencontre le président du club de Miramas aujourd’hui et je reviens vers vous durant le weekend.


  4. Hey Tuomo,

    great Job! Nice site here.

    Do you already know, when and where the world Champs in Summer 2020 take Place?

    Thanks a lot!

    Greets Tobias


  5. Remark that WMA have produced a new table of age factors valid from the beginning of 2023 –
    hence the IAUM calculator should be updated if any person would take on the effort.
    In the meantime (with translation) can be used to help.
    Since points generally have got lower for the same result new records are getting harder if recalculation is not done or the “old” table is not used.


    1. Wow tough enough to break records but such is life the world records improve and so must we all. The overall points in ultra multi events are still easy to break so don’t be put off the joy in finishing the event is still a great pleasure as is attempting a world or national record the challenge is what makes us ultra multi éventérs who we are Warriors


  6. AV’40 will be organizing a double decathlon for men and a double heptathlon for women again in 2023. The event will take place on Saturday, September 16th and Sunday, September 17th.


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