Principle participation

Everyone can participate to the ultra multievents. Athletes (Juniors, Seniors & Masters) from any level are welcome !

All track events must be completed. This means that a participant who doesn’t finish a track event or become disqualified is not allowed to continue the multievents.

The date of birth is required for each entry.

Extra Rule for One-Day Ultra Multievents :

A competitor has only six (6) attempts total in High jump and Pole vault during a one-day multievents.

IAUM’s Categories :

There is 3 main categories in the IAUM’s competitions : 1) Juniors 2) Seniors 3) Masters
Each main category is divided into several categories :
1) U20, U18, U16, U14, …
2) Seniors (Senior Men / Senior Women) & U23
3) M35, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70, M75, M80, …

There is no category M30 (from 30 to 34 years old) ! If an athlete is 34 years old, he is in the senior category.

Criteria categories :

1) The Juniors categories (till U20) are calculated using their year of birth.

2) The Seniors categories are divided into 2 categories : U23 & Seniors. Each athlete U23 is classified in the category U23 AND in the Seniors category too. The U23 category is calculated using their year of birth.

3) The Masters categories (from M35) are calculated using their date of birth.

It’s not possible to change of category if an athlete has his birthday during the second day of the competition. Each age is calculated during the first day of the competition.

Before the competition, all athletes who are not seniors have the opportunity to participate in the Senior categories with the right implements (for example, a man M40 can be SM with the height of 110m hurdles to 106,7 cm).

Example :

Competition : 10-11th April 2010

– If an athlete was born in 1991 (whatever month), he is 19 years = category U20

– If an athlete was born in 1988 (whatever month), he is 22 years old = categories U23 & SM/SW

– If an athlete was born the 10th April 1975, he is 35 years old = category M35/W35

– If an athlete was born the 11th April 1975, he is 34 years old = category SM/SW