Icosathlon – Ultra Multievents – Double Decathlon – Tetradecathlon

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World Championships in Ultra Multievents on 24.-25.8.2019 – Registration is open!

The 28th World Championships in Ultra Multievents will be held at the track in Eläintarha Helsinki, Finland. The double decathlon for the men consists of all events from the traditional decathlon, completed with the ten other track events. Tetradecathlon for the women consists of 14 events.

Ultra Multievents / icosathlon in Helsinki 2019

International 13th Helsinki Indoor Tetradecathlon 13.-14. April 2019

in Liikuntamylly Sports Hall, Helsinki Finland. More info icosathlon.net >> Only few places left, hurry up!

tetradecathlon 2018-matala

Multievents in Australia

Australia’s first Ultra Multi Event since 2006 will be held in Hobart on the weekend of 13/14 April 2019. Read more >>

Thank You Delft!


Delft Athletics Club AV’40 organized great World Championships in Nederland in August 2018.

Results (excel)

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Last results:


27th World Championships in Delft, 25. – 26.8. (excel)


14-15.04.2018: Helsinki (FIN)  –  4th IAUM World Indoor Championships & 12th Tetradecathlon

Icosathlon / Double Decathlon / Tetradecathlon / Ultra Multievents…

The Icosathlon is an Ultra Multievents competition consisting of 20 events contested over two days. Tetradecathlon for the women consists of 14 events.

There are several names to describe the 20- & 14-events combined. In the 1980’s, the name was ”Super Multievents”. In the 1990’s, the names were ”Double Decathlon” & ”Double Heptathlon”. They are still used today except in Japan where it is : ”Psychoathlon”. It is ”Ultramehrkampf” or ”Zwanzig-Kampf” in German, ”Twintig-Kamp” in Dutch, ”Kaksikymmenottelu” in Finnish and ”Icosathlon” in French.

International Association for Multievents (IAUM)