International Association for Ultra Multievents

1. The name of the association
The name of the association is International Association for Ultra Multievents and the abbreviated form of the name will be IAUM.

2. The domicile of the association and its field of activity
The domicile of the association is the city of Espoo in Finland and its field of activity is the whole world.

3. The purpose and activity of the association
The association is to organize, administrate and develop Ultra Multievents competitions and rules for them, choose the organizers of the World Championships and of the World Cup meetings, and to keep record of the World and the National records as well of the records of the continents and to promote knowledge and interest about Ultra Multievents throughout the whole World. The official language of the association will be English.

4. The members of the association
A person or a national association who accepts the purpose of the association can be accepted as a member of the IAUM. An honorary chairman or honorary member title can be given to a person who has in a remarkable way supported and contributed to the work of the association. The honorary chairman and honorary members are free from membership fees.

5. The resignation or dismissal of a member
A member has the right to resign from the association by informing the board or the chairman of the association in writing or by announcing his/her resignation in the association meeting and asking it to be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.
The board can dismiss a member from the association if the person mentioned has not paid the membership fee which is due or has not complied with the obligations which the person promised to do when joining the association or his/her activity in the association or outside it has in any way harmed the association or if that person does not qualify for membership any more.

6. The Board
The board manages the association. The board consists of a chairman (president) elected in the annual meeting and of five other members plus two substitutes. In the foundation meeting of the association three board members will be elected for a term of two years and another three board members for a term of one year. Three members will be elected in the place of those whose term expires in the subsequent annual meetings. Those whose term will expire can be re-elected for two years. The substitutes will be always be elected for a term of one year.
It is the responsibility of the board to oversee the activity of the members, to keep the membership role, to manage the economy and the general affairs of the association, to draw up and to present the annual report and the auditor’s report, to inform the members of the activities that are necessary, to accept new members who apply for membership, to announce the necessary meetings of the association and to take up all the measures needed for the benefit and purpose of the association.
The term of office of the board is the time between the annual meetings. The board chooses the deputy chairman (vice-president) from the board members and chooses from among itself or from outside a secretary, a treasurer and the necessary officials.
The board meets by the call of the chairman or when he/she is unable to do so, by the call of the deputy chairman when they consider a meeting to be necessary or when at least 50% of the board members call for a board meeting.
The quorum of the board is constituted when 50% of its members are present including the chairman or the deputy chairman. Acceptancy or declination of proposals is decided by voting, with one vote per member present at the meeting and by a simple majority of the votes. When the vote is 50%-50% the vote cast by the chairman will be decisive but in electing people the result of a 50%-50% vote will be decided by lot.

7. The people who sign for the association
The chairman of the board, the deputy chairman, the secretary or the treasurer, two together or two functionaries (two together) of the association specifically ordered by the association can sign for the association.

8. The accounting period and auditing the accounts books
The financial year of the association is the calendar year. The balancing of the accounts with necessary documents and the annual report of the board must be given to the auditors two weeks before the annual meeting at the latest. The auditors must give the board a written report, one week before the annual meeting at the latest, before that meeting.

9. The duties of the functionaries of the association
The chairman oversees and represents the association, maintains its well being, calls the meetings of the board and conducts the meeting. The secretary takes care of the administration of the association, inchecking exchanges of letters, maintenace of files, general meetings of the association and the board meetings plus draws up the annual report of the association. The treasurer manages the property and the funds of the association according to the guidelines given by the board. The treasurer is obliged to keep the accounts and the daily finances of the association.

10. The meetings of the association
The annual (general) meeting will be held at the Ultra Multievents World Championships.
The agenda for the annual meeting is :
1. Opening of the meeting.
2. Electing the chairman of the meeting, the secretary, two scrutinizers of the minutes and if needed, two people who count the votes cast.
3. The legality and quorum of the meeting.
4. Accepting the agenda.
5. Presenting the balancing of the accounts, the annual report and the report of the auditors.
6. Deciding on the acceptance or declination of the balancing of the accounts and granting those responsible and the board discharge from liability.
7. Conforming the plan of action, the budget and the membership fees.
8. Electing the chairman and other board members.
9. Electing one or two auditors ; one or two deputy auditors.
10. Any other business. If a member wishes an item to be included in the agenda of the general meeting the member must inform the board in writing well in advance so that the item can be included in the agenda.

11. Changing of the rules and dissolving the association
Changing the rules and/or dissolving the association needs in the meeting of the association a 3/4 majority of the votes cast.
Changing of the rules or dissolving the association must be mentioned in the notice of the meeting. If the association is dissolved the funds will be used as the meeting of the association decides. At the discontinuance of the association its funds will be spent as the meeting of the association decides.

12. Observing the legal forms for association
As for other items not mentioned in these rules, the Finnish legislation for associations will be observed.

Approved the 3rd of October 2003 in Sankt Pölten (Austria).

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    1. Hi Jorgen. We don’t have a board or organization any more. I take care of our website and inform there of all new events. I have not yet get announcements about events for 2023 but hopefully soon.


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