Helsinki 2019

Welcome to World Championships on 24.-25.8.2019.

Tervetuloa ultramoniotteluiden MM-kisoihin

Ultra Multievents / icosathlon in Helsinki 2019

Competitors / Osallistujat

You’ll find them on registration page.

Timetable / Aikataulu

  • Welcoming event in Eläintarha Stadium on Friday
    • registration at 17-18 o’clock
    • Opening ceremony at 18.00 o’clock
  • Preliminary timetable on Saturday and Sunday (pdf)
  • On Sunday evening you are warmly welcome to Sports Bar Töölö to have a beer or two with other athletes

Venue / Kenttä

We’ll meet at the track in Eläintarha, Helsinki.
Check this image. In the Tunnel you can relax and warm up.

We have at least these poles:

  • Pacer III 480 cm / 170 lbs
  • Sky Pole 480 cm / 160 lbs
  • Pacer III 460 cm / 145 lbs
  • Sky Pole 430 cm / 140 lbs
  • Pacer III 425 cm / 135 lbsNordic 415 / 150
  • Nordic 400 / 150
  • Nordic 400 / 155

Rules / Säännöt

Rules and regulations

Team competition / Joukkuekilpailu

We have also a team competition. We calculate average points for every athlete. For example if your total points in double decathlon are 12000, your average is 600 points. Or if in tetradecathon total points are 8 500, average is 607 points.
We calculate the three best average points for the team and that will be team’s total points.

Joukkuekilpailussa jokaisen urheilijan tuloksesta lasketaan pistekeskiarvo/laji. Joukkueen tulos koostuu 3 parhaan urheilijan pistekeskiarvojen summasta.


Try for example Trivago or Airbnb. Camping nearby the stadium is unfortunately not possible.

Public transport

Eat and drink

The entry fee includes meals on Saturday and Sunday evening 18.00 ->

Oven-baked potato casserole with strips of ham / Veggie Casserole
Small rolls

Pasta bolognese/Veggie pasta
Small rolls

There’s also a small cafe in the stadium serving for example coffee, soft drinks, sandwiches and ice cream. Tap water in Finland is among the highest quality in the world and is not only completely safe but a pleasure to drink.

Organizators / Järjestäjät

3 Sports Clubs in Helsinki are working together: Helsingin Kisa-Veikot, Helsingin Tarmo and Tapanilan Erä.

Anything to ask? / Lisätiedot

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